Listed below are the ways Elrawd will bring about transparency, accuracy, and fairness to the Clerk/Recorder/Assessor and Registrar of Voters offices.



Reduce or eliminate fee barriers for candidate filing by taking a portion of Clerk/Recorder/Assessor salary to start a fund for low-income candidates and pushing the county to re-allocate funds to offset the printing costs of ballots.


Purge voter registration rolls from all erroneous entries to ensure the accurate distribution of vote-by-mail ballots.  Conduct a full manual tabulation of ballots cast. Audit ballot scanning machines to verify their accuracy and security of their systems. 


Start a county-wide outreach campaign to educate voters on the elections process and to restore trust in the elections process.  Re-design the county elections website to be user friendly. Provide a responsive customer service to aid the public in a timely manner.

assessor's office


Change the mentality of the assessor's to find the lowest legally possible assessment for property values.


Use the position to advocate for an increase in the Homeowners Property Tax exemption.


Make the property records easily accessible online. Increase customer service and accessibility.

Your solutions

What would you like to see changed in the Clerk-Recorder-Assessor's office? Elrawd believes that you, as the voter, have the right to engage your elected officials. So please contact him with any questions you may have as well.